FTE APEX Virtual Expo - Show preview

42 >> Inspiration from the startup scene << Who are you? We have developed a solution to assist airlines to automate their claims handling processes, including automated refunds which has been a big issue during the pandemic. Our automated and digitised solution can handle hundreds of claims within seconds. What brings you to Virtual Expo? We want to meet airlines who understand the need for digital transformation and automation in the area of passenger complaints and claims - which can truly mean a differentiating factor - in particular in the new normal and after substantial workforce reductions. CLAIMS HANDLING SOLUTIONS Who are you? Sureclean has been one of Singapore’s leading hygiene and disinfection companies for a number of years. We have worked with aviation experts to produce Germ Clean Aviation Grade and a New Rapid Aircraft Disinfection System (AURA). What brings you to Virtual Expo? With the urgent need for a quick solution to aircraft disinfection, Sureclean has the best solution to offer. We need airlines, ground handlers, distributors and potential franchisees to know about this. FTE is the natural platform to gather these stakeholders. SURECLEAN Who are you? Latitude Aero is a global aircraft overhaul provider that specialises in seat repair and refurbishment, deep cleaning, sanitation and disinfection, aftermarket parts support, contract manufacturing, and IFE & ISPS upgrades. What brings you to Virtual Expo? Necessity! With no in- person trade shows occurring in 2020, we are, like everyone else in the industry, seeking out the next best option to connect with our colleagues. The world of virtual expos is a new frontier for all of us, so we’re looking forward to exploring it together and seeing what parts of events such as these will carry over and become a part of the new landscape of post-COVID networking. LATITUDE AERO Who are you? Flight Solutions is a technology provider specialising in passenger processing solutions with a focus on new and emerging technology, improving passenger experiences, streamlining the passenger journey, and increasing operational efficiencies. What brings you to Virtual Expo? FTE APEX Virtual Expo 2020 provides the perfect platform for Flight Solutions to showcase our full suite of end-to-end passenger processing applications and products for the first time on a global scale. The global reach of this Virtual Expo provides an unprecedented opportunity to forge new partnerships within our industry at a time when we need to adapt, explore and embrace new ways to keep our airports safe. FLIGHT SOLUTIONS The world ’ s first air transport innovation network f te-hub.com